Welcome to the 9th Annual College Football Bowl Pool hosted by for the 2013-2014 season. For a buy-in of $10, you can select the winner of each bowl game and assign it a confidence value between 1 (low) and 35 (high). If your selection is correct, your entry earns the amount of confidence points you assigned to the bowl. The person with the most points (based on accrued confidence values) will win the pool.

The last day to sign up and remit your entry fee is Friday, Dec. 20th at midnight, however, you can change your selections for any bowl game up until 10 minutes before kick-off until Wednesday, Jan. 1st at 10am.

The winning breakdown is as follows:
  • 2nd place receives 25% of the pot
  • 1st place receives 75% of the pot
The deadlines and details to make your selections and remit your entrance fee are as follows:

  Credit Card
Delivery Method Securely, Online via Google Checkout
Payment Deadline 12/20, the day before the first game
Processing Fee 0.62

Please click sign up below to participate in this year's College Football Bowl Pool. Click log on if you have already signed up with an e-mail address and password. Thanks for joining us this year, and good luck!
College Football Bowl Pool hosted by
2013-2014 Season